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Oak Ridge Environment

     Protected Settings & Natural Landscapes

 Arieal view of the Fedral Reservation in Oak Ridge
  ORNL photo
A Protected Setting  
Oak Ridge came into existence in 1943 -- a new community created in a remote rural landscape to support Manhattan Project activites.

 Government production facilities were -- and still are -- separated from residential areas by extensive wooded buffer zones that have been left almost untouched for many years.
  ORNL photo
Natural Landscapes

Nestled in the ridge-and-valley region between the Great Smokies and the Cumberland Mountains, Oak Ridge is a picture of natural beauty, with a rich variety of natural scenery and diverse habitats for animals and plants.

Much of the 35,000 acres of federally owned land within city limits is now forested, dominated by mature oak-hickory forest and planted pine.  This land supports abundant wildlife and some 1,000 species of native plants.
   Read more: The Oak Ridge Reservation: A Nationally Valuable Natural Resource.
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Protected Settings & natural landscapes
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